What is a Parable?

I believe any story told to explain an idea is a parable, and in this case, “The Eternal Dreamer” is indeed one.

“What do a ball, a thief, and a tree (that is really only pretending) have in common?”

This story had been rattling around in my head for almost a decade until one night I decided to write it out for my sister, to cheer her up.

It worked!

The much cheered up sister then suggested I turn the story into a “real” book.  And so began the painstaking work of transforming the little pdf document I sent her into what you see now.

What is a Miracle?

I did not change a word of the original story...and some truly amazing artists from all over the world allowed me to use their beautiful work for the book.   Please take a look here to see where I got all the breathtaking artwork from.

What is the book about?

It is about a ball, a thief and a tree, and a little girl and a forest and a city and a policeman and a robber...it is about us, and what we have forgotten, being very busy being us.  I hope you enjoy it.